Located in the Heart of Maysville/Oakdale just a few blocks from both Broad and Ann Streets, Taylor Park exists to help every man, woman, and child in our community reach its fullest potential.

Maysville/Oakdale has a popluation of around 2,500 with a population density 112% higher than the average in Mobile. So, we have the opportunity to reach a large number of people within just a few city blocks of the Park. 

Since the Inner City Mission began operations at Taylor Park in 2004, we have seen countless students improve their test scores, get hot meals they might otherwise not receive, and participate in many different team sports. However, we have an opportunity to do even more!

 Our park serves students from Craighead, George Hall, Mertz, and Leinkauf Elementary Schools; Calloway Smith, Williamson Prep, and Pillans Middle Schools as well as Willamson High School and only about 15-20% of students that live in the Maysville/Oakdale area attend our programs regularly

To reach the other 80-85% of children as well as their families, we need your help!  Because of the variety of programs we offer to both children and adults, we have a large variety of opportunities for you to serve. And if you can't serve, we ask that you consider clicking the donate tab above!